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Thank  you from Woodgrove Wolverine Golf


Woodgrove Wolverine
Golf Team Fundraiser

Welcome to the Woodgrove Wolverine Golf Team Fundraiser!

To support your Wolverine Golf Team, click the button below.

To learn more about the fundraiser, keep scrolling. 


Thanks for checking out the Woodgrove Wolverine Golf Team Fundraiser!


Funds raised will support the Woodgrove Wolverine Golf Team.


Here's how we'll use the funds:

  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Shag Bags
  • Training Aids (putting/alignment)
  • Golf Bag Replacement
  • Senior Gifts
  • End of Season Banquet



If you can help, use the "Click to Support" button.


Woodgrove Wolverine Golf thanks you!

Image by Alexander Grey
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